Mark Andy

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About Mark Andy

Mark Andy is a prominent figure in producing narrow- and mid-web printing and finishing machinery on a global scale. Distinguishing itself as a Complete Solutions Collaborator for its clients, Mark Andy’s approach extends beyond equipment sales. The company is dedicated to enabling customers to fully optimize revenue generation and operational efficiency by emphasizing on-site installation guidance, personalized training, and continuous technical assistance.

two mockups of the mark andy website

Our approach

Up-Front Strategy

Initiating our collaboration with Mark Andy, we extensively analyzed their brand, industry, and rivals -- a step that proved invaluable. This groundwork ensured our team comprehended the project's overarching goals and desired outcomes, bolstering our effectiveness moving forward.


Recognizing the extensive nature of the new website design endeavor, considering its substantial scale, we commenced by crafting a microsite dedicated to Mark Andy's digital solutions suite. Leveraging insights from the project's initial strategy phase, we efficiently developed a narrative-rich microsite, presenting Mark Andy's journey, organizing vital product details attractively, and generating a substantial influx of leads for their sales team.

New Website

After the microsite's lead generation triumph, we tackled the complete Mark Andy website. Despite the diverse content planning, unique development needs, and tight launch deadline for a key trade show, our effective external and internal communication conquered every challenge.

Mobile-Friendly UX

With the rise in mobile device browsing, prioritizing mobile UX was vital. The multi-level navigation in the new Mark Andy site demanded consideration for seamless page access, transitions, and practical information retrieval.


Crucial for a triumphant website launch, we've achieved remarkable results within a month, with the new site ranking on the first SERP page for several important Mark Andy keywords. This new ranking contrasts their old site, where these keywords didn't even breach the top 50 or 100 rankings.


Spanning two years, the journey from strategy inception to the new website launch exemplified success.

The client’s defined business goals and our proactive marketing approach fostered enhanced work to yield superior outcomes. Within one month of the Mark Andy website launch, the company experienced noticeable engagement growth:

Additionally, most of their conversions were now from online form submissions, and over half of their conversion sources came to their website organically.

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