Alpha Packaging

Showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation while attracting and converting leads.


About Alpha Packaging

Alpha Packaging is a premier producer of top-tier plastic bottles, jars, and containers. With a solid dedication to fostering sustainability and driving inventive solutions within the packaging sector, Alpha Packaging extends its services to a diverse array of markets and sectors. You likely possess several of their offerings within your kitchen pantry, garage, and medicine cabinet.

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Our approach

Art Direction and Photography

Our art and photography teams joined forces to revamp the Alpha Packaging image library, crafting a captivating collection of product and lifestyle photos. This immersive behind-the-scenes view enhanced user engagement and intuitively showcased the brand's ingenuity and precision to site visitors.

Brand Style Guide

While the logo remained untouched, the overall Alpha Packaging brand underwent refinement. Collaboratively, our visual design and content teams developed an encompassing style guide, delivering clear direction and a unified vision for the brand's entirety.

Videography and Animation

Our videographers immersed themselves in Alpha Packaging's corporate office and manufacturing facility, extracting insights into their seamless operations. We crafted three compelling videos highlighting Alpha Packaging's innovative processes and dedication. An animation adorned with bespoke illustrations underscored their sustainability commitment, all seamlessly integrated into the new website, forging a distinctive visual journey for the Alpha Packaging brand.

UX Website Redesign

With all essential components in hand, the next step was seamless integration. Our development team fashioned a mobile-friendly, user-centric website, streamlining tasks like product perusal, sample ordering, and quote requests. We introduced a box integration for document downloads and incorporated a system enabling the Alpha Packaging team to access and retrieve daily product inventory reports effortlessly.


Alpha Packaging received a website that embodies the company’s role as an inventive, customer-centric, packaging solutions-driven enterprise – and trailblazer within the rigid plastics packaging industry.

The redesigned website was crafted to represent Alpha Packaging’s identity authentically. The fresh platform offers users an insider’s view into the company’s design and manufacturing procedures using an immersive design and intuitive structure. This unique functionality further underscores Alpha Packaging’s unwavering dedication to adaptability, ingenuity, sustainability, and excellence.

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