John Sakach

Creating a new, quality brand and website to reflect their industry stature and advance their nationwide presence.


About John Sakach

John Sakach Co. has established itself as a reliable collaborator in comprehensive rigging solutions for over six decades. The company is renowned for delivering top-notch rigging equipment and wire rope to customers in their local vicinity and nationwide. Notably, the John Sakach team stands out in the industry due to their commitment to maintaining exceptional benchmarks in product quality and customer service. Their reputation is further bolstered by their unwavering dedication to disseminating knowledge and safety materials to fellow professionals in the field.

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Our approach

New Branding and Logo

We initiated the process by developing fresh brand visuals for John Sakach, encompassing a novel logomark, logo iterations, brand hues, and fonts. These components were consolidated within a brand style guide, furnishing the John Sakach team with a comprehensive reference for generating assets such as uniforms, print materials, business cards, and stationery to share with collaborators easily.

New Website

With the revamped brand in place, we seamlessly extended our efforts to create a matching website, embodying the same clean, modern, and user-friendly aesthetics. The redesign prioritized mobile responsiveness and user experience, particularly for vital sections like John Sakach's product catalog, vendor information, and training opportunities. This newly streamlined website facilitates easy content management through an intuitive CMS, benefiting users and the John Sakach team.

Team Photography

To complement the website, our photography team visited John Sakach's Illinois location for professional headshot sessions with their team members. These new headshots seamlessly align with the website's refreshed design, presenting the team in the best light to potential clients.


Following the website's finalization, we transitioned into the project's amplification phase, which involved local search optimization, enhancing John Sakach's presence on Google Maps listings while rectifying an erroneous business name spelling. Through these interventions, we resolved the issue and optimized the Maps listing, resulting in heightened conversions.

YouTube Optimization

John Sakach maintained a YouTube channel showcasing remarkable team accomplishments through video compilations. To optimize this content, we collaborated to identify relevant search terms for each video. By reworking titles and incorporating informative descriptions, we enhanced the visibility of their videos in related searches and furnished users with additional insights about John Sakach.


The John Sakach team found renewed confidence in the polished branding, engaging website and our continued amplification efforts, continuously generating increased awareness locally and nationally.

With a user-friendly website that caters to customers and simplifies content management for the John Sakach team, this redesigned platform stands poised to remain essential and adaptable to their business needs in the years ahead. The results of these endeavors are evident:

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